Lifestyle Management & Advisory Services – Price Packages

As each service is personal to the individual and varies depending on duration, complexity and timing, the fee we charge will be worked out individually. This is why Macbeth pricing are highly flexible. No sign-up fees. No membership fees. Just purchase time and services, as and when you need it. Whether you require an ad-hoc, one-off service; or help on a regular or fixed term basis; call us today for a free and no obligation consultation, to determine which of the below plans best fit your needs. Rest assured the value of the time we give back to you far exceeds your investment. What is your time worth? Our hourly fees are CHF 100 and do not include special advisors and partners. For special advisory services such as Macbeth Security, we will conduct a cost assessment built on preliminary research and contacts with our network. Based on a range of hourly rates and an estimated number of hours, we provide you with a clearly defined, capped budget.

Our pricing structure is highly flexible, we can also offer annual package!


CHF 80010 hours

  • Tick off all those items on your to do list which you can simply never get to
  • CHF 80 per hour


CHF 3’00050 hours

  • Have the flexibility to ring us, knowing you have hours in credit
  • CHF 60 per hour

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