5 Ways busy professionals sabotage their love life

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May 20, 2016
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May 20, 2016

5 Ways busy professionals sabotage their love life

Having busy schedules could leave a long-lasting damage to your love life. Don’t allow your tight schedules to destroy your love life, because it’s something new. Give life and love a chance as you grow with another person by identifying relationship ends habits in your life and change now before it’s too late!

Dodging. It’s easy to dodge relationships if your schedule is already busy: just don’t go! Avoid dates, refuse an emotional bond. Goodbye, involvement. You can easily ignore someone when you don’t like them. Think about your approach and push yourself to communicate – even if it’s just for a while. Before you judge your date, you should give them the chance to surprise you.

Keeping the unattainable. We have various type of people in the world, but you tend to like the ones who are emotionally unavailable. Never be a star-crossed lover! Make emotional availability part of your dating criteria; do not consider a date with someone if you can’t follow through.

Short-termism. You should know your main purpose of dating someone. The time to admit your vision for the future, otherwise it is not if you are on a dream honeymoon with the wrong person. If your goals are to get married and have children, wave pride! Others do not expect just to change to accommodate your plans for the future; your date believes that their ideas are equally important. Think long-term and look out for your interests. You do not have an obligation to stick around just to be nice.

Leaving too soon. You should understand the difference between a small quarrel and a relationship ends blowout. To put things in prospect, reminisce about your best friend: definitely, the two of you disagree sometimes, but what would it take to end the friendship? When things heat up, play romantic music or try to identify the good features of your date. Create chance for them to make things right and don’t try to end the relationship so soon.

Negativity. Saying negative stuff about your date and asking them for their opinion is never a good idea, it is a trick question, you already know what answer you want, and it’s not fair to get everyone involved. Probably, your friend hasn’t met your date before. Be objective and sincere in your description, even if you are nervous or excited about a date.

When you are ready for a long lasting relationship with someone, it is important to identify old behaviors that could have effect in the nearest future. Once these behaviors are realized, they can be confirmed and you will be free to move on and build a connection.

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