Lifestyle and Personal Concierge Services Catering Towards Diverse Requests

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February 8, 2017
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February 8, 2017

Lifestyle and Personal Concierge Services Catering Towards Diverse Requests

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Lifestyle and Personal Concierge Services Catering Towards Diverse Requests


The social economy has got momentous in the last few decades. The pace of development including prosperity is swifter at the top levels of society that is represented by the high net worth individuals (HNIs) and VIPs. The business tycoons of supra scale operations at their credit or such other luxury class individuals and families that form the cream of society have created demand for concierge services towards meeting the requirements of their initiatives & lifestyle needs also. The concierge companies are catering to their diverse needs through their generic abilities in different sectors and choices. The concept of lifestyle concierge services is a definite offshoot of the broader personal concierge services and mainly relates to catering towards the lifestyle needs of individuals or families.


Assistive orientation of concierge services


Personal concierge services are sought by individuals who could be high incumbents in an organization or own a big business in their name. Such persons often need to move out for business initiatives or meetings and may also require the services of different specialists who are otherwise not available in their company’s hierarchy. Overall, there is a fine briskness in their life – both professional and personal. Such people seek concierge services for making arrangements beforehand for their travel (like the air ticketing), hotel stays, bookings in hospitality segment and such other peripheral services without which the entire initiative could be jeopardized. The task of personal concierge services agent is to offer the requisite mileage by pre arranging all the requirements. The agent while acting for the client has to also take into account the choices and likes and preferences of the client so as to deliver service effectively and in a satisfactory manner.


Catering towards lifestyle demands


While the tasks of a personal concierge could be related mostly to the requirements of a professional in his capacity as an incumbent, the lifestyle concierge is a niche segment that serves towards the demands other than business and corporate. These services could be sought by a family or an individual in his capacity as a high worth individual who is moving out on a vacation or seeking any fancied service. The services in this segment could be like arranging the luxury vacation villa, cruise, bookings in spas or restaurants or resorts or airport transfers and transportation in best rides (limos, caravans etc.) and such other services. More fancied requests could include the entry to a privileged awards function or pass to a private art exhibition and the like.


Lifestyle grooming services


Another dimension of lifestyle concierge services relate to the coaching and grooming aspect whereby the high net worth client requests such services which are meant towards lifestyle improvements. Such requests can include the etiquette lessons, the business oration coaching, corporate dressing sense, fashion consonances and choices, formal and informal parties’ etiquettes and concepts of demand and such others which count much in the high end society and corporate passages. The overall aim is to gain along the best and leading conducts and thus develop a profound, prominent and influential personality and outlook. These dimensions thus directly relate to the lifestyle enhancements.

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