Points To Bear In Mind When Hiring A VIP Concierge

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March 22, 2017
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Points To Bear In Mind When Hiring A VIP Concierge

VIP concierge

Imagine having an assistant whom you can order to perform the many tedious, boring but important daily chores, like doing shopping of daily household items on your behalf, etc. Your life would become so much easier. A luxury concierge can provide you the services of this personal assistance and that too at a very reasonable price. This personal concierge will take care of all those jobs which you were supposed to perform, but just do not have the time to do them. Whether you are staying in your own hometown, or moving to a new city, the services of a VIP concierge would always be beneficial for you.


Often the building where you are staying may offer you the services of a luxury concierge, but if such is not the case, you always have the options of hiring the services of a personal concierge from concierge agencies.  However, at the time of hiring a VIP concierge, there are certain things that you need to be clear about in your mind. Some of those important points have been detailed below:


Duration Of Contract


You may in need of the services of a concierge since you are moving to a new town and hence, do not know where to find different services. Hence, your requirements would be short term, till you get to know the city well. Short term services of these concierges may also be required if there is some important project that you have got busy with, and hence, do not have the time to devote to your other personal responsibilities. On the other hand, if you are running a big business or corporate house, or have been promoted to a higher designation, and are going to stay busy for the rest of your working life, then it becomes necessary for you to hire a VIP concierge on a long term basis. Knowing the duration of the contract is important since accordingly you would be able to negotiate the terms of the contract and the price of the services of these concierges.


Type Of Services Required


A luxury concierge is expected to perform a variety of jobs and tasks for his master. If you require these concierges to perform routine jobs, like picking up kids from the school, going grocery shopping, getting repair work done in the house, etc., you can hire a general concierge for the same. However, if you require specialized services from these concierges like assistance in your corporate work, taking care of a sick member in your family, etc., you would need to hire specialized concierges like executive concierge, medical concierge, etc. Hence, before hiring, know your requirements well, and accordingly hire a specialized concierge for the job.


Work Timings


Another important thing that you need to know before hiring a personal concierge is the time of the day when you would require his services. You may need the services of this concierge during the daytime when you are in office, or you may need the services, at nights since you would be working late, or your work timings are erratic, and hence, you would want your concierge to stay on duty 24 hours a day.

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