Advantages Of Luxury Concierge Services To Tenants Of Luxury Property Rental

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Advantages Of Luxury Concierge Services To Tenants Of Luxury Property Rental

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The real estate market has become extremely competitive. Although the demand for houses and rental properties is increasing at a fast pace, but so are the number of builders and property developers, offering houses for lease or luxury property rental to the customers. Thus, in order to attract customers to buy or property, take it on lease or luxury property rental, these builders and property owners need to offer their customers with special amenities and services, which would make the life of the tenants easier and more hospitable. Almost every property developed these days, comes with amenities like health clubs, swimming pools, gardens, parking spaces, etc. However, there is one amenity which has not yet been utilized fully by these property owners, and which has the potential of making the life of the people living in those buildings a lot easier, and it is that of luxury concierge services.


Offering the services of a lifestyle concierge to the tenants, is not just a cost effective amenity, but can prove to be a big attraction for luring tenants towards the property.


Catering To The Needs Of The Tenants


Tenants, who take up your flats on luxury property rental basis, spend a major part of their week working in offices, leaving them with hardly any time to do the basic work for their homes. Therefore, from tasks like grocery shopping to getting the  plumbing or any other repair work done in the house, generally gets neglected, making life in the house uncomfortable. However, when these people have the luxury concierge services at their disposal, all these jobs can be easily allocated to the lifestyle concierge and he would make sure that everything gets done, while the tenant is able to take care of his or her office work and simply enjoy living in the house without having to worry about a single thing.


Doing Personal Work For The Tenants


The lifestyle concierge in a building is generally paid a fixed salary against which he offers certain basic services to all the tenants living in the building. These concierges are generally trained on-site professionals and any help which the tenants may require with respect to the maintenance of the property will be provided to them by the concierge free of cost. However, in addition to these basic services, these concierges are more than willing to do person chores for the tenants as well, like buying birthday cakes or flowers for them, getting the hotel or restaurant bookings made on behalf of the tenants, etc., for a small fee which the tenants can pay directly to them.


Saving Time And Energy


By offering the services of a lifestyle concierge to your tenants, you would not only make their life on your property easier and more pleasant, but you would also help them in saving a lot of time, which they would otherwise have to invest in completing small and insignificant household chores. This precious time, can be spent by the tenants with their families, thereby improving the overall quality of their life.

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