What Sort Of Tasks Does A Personal Concierge Take Care Of?

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May 30, 2016
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May 30, 2016

What Sort Of Tasks Does A Personal Concierge Take Care Of?

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The concierge has for years been an individual who provides service to others. The services have been alternating for years as the concierge went on an evolutionary spiral. The first mention of concierges is amongst the wealthy where the services provided were mostly those that involved catering for the elite’s personal but trivial duties such as housekeeping. The concierge then shifted into the hotel business where the duties just evolved into maintaining the hotel rooms and checking on the guests comfort.

The personal concierge is however very different from the hotel concierge. A personal concierge offers personal service to you at your residence or work. A personal concierge is not restricted to one location as is the hotel concierge and can offer more personalized and client specific service. Basically, a personal concierge is more or less like your own personal assistant and he/she is charged with running all the errands that you would normally have to do. The personal concierge takes care of tasks such as;

House management

I say house management because it is far broader when compared to housekeeping. A personal concierge is responsible of running the house. That means that he/she oversees the other house employees and their duties, takes care of your guests’ comfort throughout their entire stay, pays the bills and handles the groceries, among other duties. The duties therefore have varying importance and some can be designated to other employees, though still under the concierge’s supervision.

Luggage handling

The concierge is also responsible for any and all luggage that you have while outside the house. The carrying of the luggage and its safe arrival to your destination is under the personal concierge’s jurisdiction. That is applicable whether you are just out doing simple shopping at the mall or going for a trip oversees.


A personal concierge also handles your grooming. That spans across a wide range of things such as taking and picking up your laundry, ensuring that it properly ironed or such and even picking out clothes for you depending on the occasion or purpose.

Schedule management

It is the concierge’s duty to handle your schedule. Correspondence with clients and other people also falls under this category of service. Schedule management is applicable in the office or home.

Event planning

Your personal concierge is also responsible for any events that you may host. Whether that is a picnic with the family or a luncheon with board members, it all falls to the concierge’s able hands.

These are just but a number of the general tasks that a personal concierge handles for you.

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