5 Ways to Combine Work with Leisure

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May 31, 2016
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5 Ways to Combine Work with Leisure


Most of us wish to find something we love doing and make it our job or career. Most people feel that the idea of following a dream by dropping everything is not attainable. There’s nothing as fun as combining your work with your leisure. This can be achieved.

These are five ways you could combine your work with leisure.

  1. Relate with friends

Feeling overwhelmed or stressed? We notice that discussing our distress with a family member or good friend can help us reduce stress and possibly come up with an innovative idea. Learn to hook up with friends. Ask for their view on a work hurdle you are facing. Notwithstanding if they know little about the subject, it can be invigorating to hear a different view on the matter.

  1. Always be Happy and catch Fun

It’s about including inspiration in your daily life, and not dedicating your time to a particular cycle. Humans tend to be more productive when they take time out and have fun.

  1. Be Social

Your life shouldn’t revolve only around your businesses; you need to create time out also to socialize. Take up that hobby or sport you’ve always wanted to try; this exposes you to opportunities to meet more personalities! This way you are likely to be in a happier frame of mind and doing something you enjoy.

  1. Prolong your business tour

‘BizCation’ is a new trend where employees are prolonging their business trip to combine a few relaxation days. While doing this, you need to assure your employer that you will cover the extra cost of the time you are going to spend in a hotel, You can combine a holiday with a business trip! You have the opportunity to explore different cities and towns, feeling extra refreshed and relaxed as you are disconnected from your phone and email. It is advised that you let your colleagues know about how long you would be away.

  1. Study and absorb yourself in nature

Go for a walk with a customer or colleague instead of having a boardroom meeting. Recent research has proven just how effective these kinds of meetings are.

Growing more conscious about where and how you are working can have a great impact. You need to Change your routine to combine your work with leisure. This will help you in Life

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