Can I Afford a Lifestyle Concierge? #2

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June 2, 2016
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June 2, 2016

Can I Afford a Lifestyle Concierge? #2

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Many people have the assumption that having a lifestyle Concierge is expensive, and they can’t afford it. It is a false assumption!

The service is quite affordable and not as most people assume. You don’t have to be Eminem or Rihanna to hire a lifestyle concierge and have assistance when the need arises.

Why do you need to hire a lifestyle concierge when you could do everything on your ‘to do’ list at no cost? You have a point.

Ask yourself, do you have all the time in the world to do everything on your “To Do” list?

You are consecrating time that you could be doing something more meaningful when you are doing tasks that could be done by a lifestyle concierge, simply more enjoyable or more profitable.

Secondly, a function like “find me three prices to have my pool frequently serviced” could take you a lot longer than you assume. You don’t have to spend time on such tasks; this is where hiring a lifestyle concierge becomes handy.

What you assume to be very simple at the initial stage could be time-consuming indeed and interfere with you achieving the goal of your core focus at that point in time, whether it is watching your kids play netball or your work.

For instance, you get a grip of 3 pool services in your city; you have to spend extra time going to meet them on site to follow up their quote, render access for the original meeting, and a lot more.

This task could be done in 6+ hours! How much that would cost you in terms of time away from family/work and the overall frustration at the whole distress!

If you were to ask your lifestyle concierge similar question “find me three prices to have my pool frequently maintained, “any concierge that knows their onion will reply:

“We are happy to recommend just one pool cleaners in your area from the various pool cleaners already sourced. We guarantee them to be reputable; they are punctual, professional and well-priced; we have reference examined them, viewed their Certificate of Currency (i.e., make sure they have the right insurances). Lastly, we discovered they already clean the pool of another customer who lives nearby and they are euphoric with their services they render”.

The one telephone call to your lifestyle concierge may have taken say 15 minutes, and cost you very little; this will save you the stress, time and also money well spent. Do away with the assumptions that a lifestyle concierge is expensive and get one today.

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