How to choose the right personal lifestyle manager

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How to choose the right personal lifestyle manager

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Life Coaching by Macbeth

For a manager or an executive, a personal lifestyle manager is probably the most famous person to work with every day. The assistant is the first individual that every client would meet before reaching to the manager and sets the pace for any meeting or a business deal. The problem is that most managers and executives do not spend enough time on it. It is one of the positions whose interviews take the shortest time. It is a mistake that these people make because they do not take enough consideration of the kind of person they are about to hire as a personal lifestyle manager.

Arrange for a brief meeting

The business owner or any individual needs to hold a short meeting with the preferred personal lifestyle manager. The meeting should aim at checking the likelihood a rapport between these two people. The personal lifestyle manager will also weigh their abilities in meeting the requirements of the business owner. Therefore, the short chat will enable both of them to form a basis of the working relationship that they will need. An excellent personal lifestyle manager will introduce themselves well before asking for any work-related details.

Length of time they stayed in business

The industry us still a young one.  The business manager needs to know how long this candidate spent in business and the personal lifestyle manager responsibilities that they performed before. It will help make a perfect decision before settling on a particular individual. A good way of selecting one is through established personal lifestyle manager companies.

Insurance and police check

Even though most managers do not take these two issues seriously, they are important to check points for a perfect personal assistant. They require updated public liability insurance as well we professional indemnity. It depends on how sensitive the data they will work on will be and therefore should not find it an offensive requirement.

Any references

It is evident to want to know how well versed the individual is. Asking for a referee or testimonial can help confirm this requirement. Business managers would not want to risk being the first client that the personal lifestyle manager serves and therefore need evidence of professionalism and previous experience. Lacking testimonials or evidence does not deem one imperfect, but it would be advisable to consider another candidate for the position.


The profession has some rates depending on the services offered. Asking for the costs will also help to check whether the two can work together. The personal lifestyle manager should not charge too high or too low fees compared to the market recommended rates.

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