What is a Personal Concierge #2 ?

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June 2, 2016
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June 2, 2016

What is a Personal Concierge #2 ?

personal concierge

The word ‘Concierge’ originates from France in the Middle Ages and is derived from the term “Comte des Cierges” which means “keeper of the candle.” These were castle servants in charge of lighting castle candles and looking after visitors. They’ve gone beyond just lightening candles and looking after guest.


The word “concierge”, has different definitions attached to it, which includes: keeper of the keys, caretaker, valet, and Porter. None of these help with understanding a personal concierge is. Other names for a personal concierge are Lifestyle Manager, Residential Concierge, Personal Errand Service, Lifestyle Concierge and Personal Assistant. They are all very similar, but the key factor is that they help all individuals with their personal lives, rather than businesses or residents.


Too many people struggle to maintain a stable and happy home life while cope with the day to day grind of work. When do you intend living a life full of excitement, love and fun? Thankfully, there is a solution to this. Some people are always prepared to do the things you hate, and they LOVE it!


The feeling you get while using a concierge is fantastic – all you need to do is to give instructions or tell them what you need, and you get it done. A Personal Concierge can save you the stress of looking around to buy tickets before going to the theater. A personal concierge can take care of preparing your night out, while you’re at the spa, enjoying the fruits of your labors and getting pampered!


Personal concierge is not reserved for a one-off treat or the wealthy. They’re arranging the sale of homes; they’re booking holidays, they’re buying groceries, they’re arranging childcare, they’re planning the perfect surprise romantic dinner! They’re helping a lot of people all over the country to make time to enjoy life by organizing other parts of their lives. Personal concierge takes total control of the mundane tasks in life, leaving you the time to relax and benefit from the fruit of your labors.


Personal Concierge ensures individuals have more time for themselves by organizing any aspect of their lives. You can hire Personal Concierge to do things you hate doing, but need to be done; things you don’t have the abilities to do properly; or the things that you either don’t have time for.


What can a Personal Concierge do for you? Everything and anything! There is absolutely no job to mundane or small! What do you dislike – what fills you with fear every week? Washing your car? Cuisine? Paying your bills? Filing at the office? Organizing refurbishment of your house? Whatever it is, a Personal Concierge Service is there, waiting to take the reins. Stop doing it all yourself! Stop living your life hour by hour! Stop working hard and not making the time to enjoy the results! Hire a Personal Concierge Service to make life stress free and fun filled!

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