You’re Good, But Not As Good As A Concierge

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May 30, 2016
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May 30, 2016

You’re Good, But Not As Good As A Concierge

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Clients often wonder whether a personal concierge is really necessary to them. Most clients are handled by a concierge a whole lot better. Well, newsflash, and this is said very respectfully to your skill, you might be good, but you are no doubt not that good. The concierge enjoys a rich history in service and as a profession; there is no doubt a lot of training that goes into it.

Let us take an example to show why the concierge is definitely a necessity. You are a working professional, who has a lot of responsibilities at the work place. Since these responsibilities put food on the table, they definitely take precedence over home duties. Then you also have a social life and that cannot be ignored, not completely anyway. You are almost always too tired from work to even bother concerning yourself with house work on a week day. Your house is tidy and clean, but then again it does not enjoy that much use. Your relatives from oversees decide that they shall visit on Wednesday. No! You cannot cancel and they have a tight schedule. You can’t very well skip work on Tuesday to prepare, and you can’t leave early either seeing as you will have to skip on Wednesday.

With the time difference, they will arrive way too early in the morning. You do not have groceries, your laundry is not done and your house is not as tidy. On top of that, you still have to pick them up from the airport since they don’t know your place. Too much work, right?

Now, let’s take the same scenario but this time, you have a concierge. Your house is always tidy and clean, the groceries are always available, the laundry is always done and everything is in order. Dave from next door has organized a dinner for the neighbors on Monday and your relatives are visiting on Wednesday. You even have a schedule now and since you do not have to tidy the house up first, you are not too tired to skip the dinner. Come Wednesday, the concierge picks your relatives from the airport and takes the scenic route while you prepare yourself. On arrival, everything, including meals, is in order and life is far smoother.

You might have the best management skills but even those are no match to a concierge’s training. Besides, no one understands service delivery better and no one can execute it with as much finesse and ease as the concierge.

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